DO- Be Yourself!

Be yourself! Whatever it is that describes you as a couple I want to photograph that! I want to go hiking with you or sit in a coffee shop with you and capture exactly what it is that you both enjoy doing together. Try to relax, and let me do the rest!

DO- Wear Comfy Clothes

Wear things you love on yourself! Something you feel so confident in you don't have one thing in the back of your mind that you wouldn't want me to photograph.

DO- Wear appropriate Shoes

If you want to go hiking out in the wilderness or on the top of mountains, be sure you wear appropriate shoes and pack a shoes you'd like to be photographed in.

DON'T - Over Think It!

This is a time that is all about you. Don't over think poses, or being in front of the camera. My job is to capture the two of you in the best way possible. Once you're in front of my lens, its time for the fun to begin! You can try and prepare as much as possible but in the end we are capturing the love you two share and memories.