Elopement packages for the adventure seeking couples looking to break out of the box.



Welcome to a world of intimate celebrations and unapologetic love! Elopements, with their spontaneity of vows, capture the spirit of romance and all the right drama. Breaking free from your everyday, focusing solely on the deep connection you share with one another is where our hearts truly lie.

Birchwood's Elopement Packages & Pricing

Worldwide Adventure Wedding's

Anywhere in the world, we will go with you! The place you say your vows to one another is incredibly important, meaningful and special! Let's make it EPIC!

Starting at $12,500

Anywhere in the U.S.A.

The United States has so much to offer for locations! Let's find a spot that is just for you! We can not only help you find that dream location, but we will help plan and capture the adventure!

Starting at $8,500

Wisconsin & Surrounding States

Did you think you had to travel pretty far to elope? Truth be told, an elopement can be literally anywhere. The important part is intentionally keeping it ALL about you! Maybe that day is just the two of you, or maybe some family members, we are here!

Starting at $4,500

Unsure of where you want to go?

Not a problem! Let's book a time to talk through your hopes and dreams for your wedding day! Most of our meetings are on zoom/facebook video chat. In our pre-travel meetings, we will discuss your vision, preferences, and special moments you want to capture during the elopement. This ensures that the photography will reflect what you are desiring!

What comes with EVERY Elopement Package

Photo coverage by both

Joel & Elizabeth´╗┐

Yep! that's right, you get two photographers

when you book us!

Your wedding day elopement will not feel stressed or rushed with your all-day wedding portraits.

Joel and I have been married for almost 14 years, and  working together for 10 years.

We flow so easily with each and every couple!

Oh, and by the way- you also get to hang out with us.

customized location suggestions & Timeline

Ok, this may be a little strange but I spend way too much "free time" on google maps. If there is a random island in the middle of the ocean, you know I am going to go check it out!

That being said, we know a lot of locations around the United States and other countries that we can customize a location for you! Once we have the location, we will customize your day of timeline.

Also, did I mention? You also get to hang out with us...

curated gallery of edited images

We go through all of the images that we took on your wedding day, and pick out the absolute best ones!  We usually pull out any that have you blinking or maybe a little too much motion. You will get a gallery full of each part of your elopement day.


What about Permits?

How is it legal?

Are there any additional fees?

What does an all day Elopement look like?

Do I get to book my own travel?


What about Permits?

Some areas of the United States requires Permits. We will do our absolute best to obtain any and all necessary permits wherever you'd like to elope. (Within our power)

How is it legal?

Majority of our couples "make it legal" at the courthouse a few days/weeks before or even after they come on an international adventure elopement with us! This way we keep it as simple as possible and really focus on sharing the vows.
For elopements that happen in the United States, we'd be more than happy to help you find and book an officiant to join along if that is what you desire.
For elopements that are happening outside of the United States. You may consider "making it legal" when you return from your trip if there will be any name changes. This way you can ensure there is no hang ups in customs.

Are there any additional fees?

All of our packages include our own travel costs and transportation to wherever you'd like to go. No worries about any hidden fees.

What does an all day Elopement look like?

Apart from smiling, laughing, and maybe shedding a tear or two during your day, I want to ask you a few questions. If you two could plan the most amazing day together from the time you open your gorgeous eyes to when you rest your head on your pillows, what would it look like?
The answers to this question will help us to build your day of timeline for your all day Elopement. Your day is more than just pretty pictures and reciting vows! It's capturing your relationship celebrating a HUGE step and commitment. We want to capture the connection the two of you share.

Do I get to book my own travel?

Yes! All of your travel and booking would be independently. I would be more than happy to help assist finding the most cost effective flights and accommodations!

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

adventure elopements

Find your FREEDOM in Eloping.

In the quiet moments of your elopement, amidst nature's grandeur, you'll find the freedom to authentically express your commitment to each other. This decision, far from mere escapism, is a courageous leap into a future shaped by your unwavering bond. Gift yourselves the opportunity to create memories unrestrained by tradition. Let  your elopement be a testament to the depth of your connection, a celebration of your unique love story, and the beginning of a lifetime filled with joy, adventure, and unwavering devotion.