Example Wedding Timeline

11:00AM Brides Make-Up Begins
12:00PM Brides Hair Begins
12:00PM Bridal Details (shoes, dress, jewelery)
12:30PM Groom Details & Getting Ready
1:00PM Bride gets into Dress
1:30PM First Look with Dad
1:45PM First Look
2:00PM Couples Portraits


Example Wedding Timeline

2:30PM Ceremony
3:00PM Family Formals
3:40PM Bridal Party Portraits
4:10PM Couples Portraits
4:45PM Head to Reception
5:00PM Grand Entrance


Example Wedding Timeline

5:10PM Cake Cutting
5:30PM Dinner Served (or Buffet)
6:15PM Speeches
7:00PM First Dances
8:00PM General Dancing

Photography Team Departs


When Should the Bride eat Lunch?

Of course this is my first question because who doesn't love food?!?!
Ideally the bride should eat before her hair and make-up start. If this cannot happen, be sure the make-up artist is still around to apply her lip stick as soon as she is finished eating.

What order should the bride be in for hair and make up?

I always tell my bride to have her mother go before she does (or whoever is helping her into her dress.) This way she is photo ready. The bride should be the second to last to get her hair and make-up completed. This allows time for bridal portraits to get done, and allows time to have her get into her dress and time for me to pop over to the grooms room to do "ready portraits" with them.

Typically Bridal hair and make-up takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes each. In my experience I find it taking closer to that 45 minute mark so I always work that into the timeline so no one feels rushed at all.

How should the groom prep before getting pictures taken?

I ask that the groom and his guys be showered and in their pants, and button up shirts by the time the photography team arrives.
When I come I will photograph his shoes, tie/bowtie, cuff links, watch, boutonnière, or anything else he would like in the detail shots. Then he can put them on as I photograph.

How many groupings would you suggest for family formal portraits?

I suggest 10 total groupings for your family formals.
One Large Group shot
Aunts, Uncles & Cousins

Keep in mind if you choose more groupings that is ok! But, we will need more time than 30 minutes. If you add a grouping, we will have to add 5 minutes to each grouping.

Why would we cut the cake first before dinner?

I get this question a lot! You definitely don't have to cut the cake in this order but what I find is when you have your grand entrance, you have everyones attention. If you cut your cake when you first walk in, you can have the catering team cutting the cake and plate it while everyone eats dinner. It is a great flow for people to grab treats and cake directly after the dinner.

Who should I share the timeline with?

Once we have a final draft of your timeline its important that you share your timeline with your bridal party, wedding coordinator or day of planner, caterer, florist, videographer and DJ. (If I am not helping you with your timeline then I would be on this list too! share with me!)