#1. Neck & Shoulder Kisses

This pose is one of my most popular go to's because it sparks REAL emotions and laughter from the couple. This pose not only shows off your ring, your smile, your' out fit, but it allows your groom to open up and play.

#2 The Almost Kiss

No need to explain more. The Almost kiss is a FAVE!

#3 Nose Touches

Wrap that arm around his neck, pull tummies in close and touch noses. This pose always strikes real smiles. Maybe it's because if you look at your partner they have one eye? who knows?!

#4 Silly Walking

Pull apart and bump into one another as you walk toward the camera. I know... I know this sounds crazy but it gets the BEST pictures and trueness of a couple.

#5 Look Down at your Shoulder

All about the shoulders! Her looking down into her shoulder as he nuzzles in or kisses her shoulder. To-Die-For!