A.This is one of the most popular questions I receive when a bride is close to her wedding day. WHERE do I start?! Who puts together your timeline?
Usually the photographer, or a WELL SEASONED Wedding Coordinator will put together your timeline.

Why would you not want anyone else to help with the timeline?
Because every photographer works differently, different lighting situations and set ups, it is crucial that we have enough time to capture the most amazing pictures for you.


A.This is by far one of the busiest parts of the wedding day. The best way to navigate a stress free, and easy flowing family formals is :
1. Try to keep groupings to a total of 10 groupings. 5 for the bride, 5 for the groom.

2. Contact family and friends prior to the wedding to inform them they are needed for pictures directly after the wedding.

3. Create a specific list with first and last names for your photographer , wedding coordinator, and a point person for both sides of the family. This point person is usually an Aunt on the Bride's side of the family, and an Aunt on the Groom's side of the family. This way no one is guessing who is who.

4. Take family formals directly after the wedding ceremony, and do not take a long time between the ceremony and family pictures. During the wedding day people just forget where they are suppose to be and inevitably will end up at the bar to grab a drink or snag some hors d'oeuvres.


A.I always suggest a first look. I consider this an insurance policy for couples portraits.
Let's face it, no one can predict the weather. Some weddings it rains in the afternoon and it takes up any time we have for couples portraits.
A first look gives the couple a minute to just be together. After all, you're marrying your best friend! Spend as much time together as you can.


A.If I could shout from the roof tops, I totally would!
Put the cake table in the middle of the dance floor! This allows for amazing pictures with lighting to be placed behind the couple.


A.It usually takes me about 6-8 weeks for editing.