Achieve the Look Light & Bright

Light and Bright

It's no secret that I am considered a "light and bright" photographer. If you're new to that term, it means that I tend to shoot and edit my images to be white, bright, light, and eye catching! This is probably one of the reasons you booked me as your wedding photographer.
A BIG part of achieving this look is through what you wear in your sessions. Look for colors that are lighter verses dark heavy colors.

#1 Ultimate Rule - Wear something you're comfortable in.

Soft Lace & Cool Blues

Soft Lace & Cool Blues

Solid Colors & Light Stripes

"When you are picking out clothing look for solid colors or something with very little design. Lighter colors with vertical stripes are always best!

Rule # 2 Wear something that highlights your most
favorite features about yourself!"

Complimenting Color

Wear clothes that compliment each other, but that are not too matchy-matchy. Cool colors, neutral tones, and pastel colors are always beautiful!

Stay away from...

What not to wear?

  • Shirts with words on them & Tennis Shoes.
  • Neon or Flurescent colors. Bright colors tend to color cast on faces, hair and necks.
  • Clothing that accents your body parts that are your least favorite.
  • Large shirts that are not tucked in (mainly for men.)

Hair & Make-Up

A little suggestion, make your trial hair and make-up day the same day as your engagement portraits. This way you're not paying extra for hair and make-up to be done, and your trial doesn't go unnoticed!


Really consider if you are going to wear a print, what type of print it is. Small, light colored floral is great but heavy rich colors can tend to be distracting. Vertical pin stripes are also great as long as they are light in color. Heavy pin striping and waffle patters can cause what is called chromatic aberration.