Iceland in August - Skógafoss & Sólheimajökull Glacier

Finally, I am digging into my pictures from Iceland! If you’re not following too closely, you may have missed that Joel and I went to a workshop to better our photography skill set and what a BLAST we had!

Let me set the scene. We left Vik which is located at the southern part of the island, where our expedition began. We were joined by 4 other photographers and our guide Tyler Rye. Our group was a mix of videographers and photographers, and it was thee perfect size.

Location #1, Skógafoss. One of Iceland’s most iconic natural wonders, is a majestic waterfall, and when I stood in front of it I was in awe of its sheer power and breathtaking beauty. Skógafoss plunges approximately 197 feet from a cliff edge, creating a lot of mist and it is so loud, you can hardly hear the next person beside you. What makes this waterfall even more captivating is its striking curtain-like appearance, with a width 82 feet, making it a dream of us to photograph in front of. This natural wonder is not only a testament to Iceland’s awe-inspiring landscapes but also a reminder of the raw, untamed beauty and power that made this country a bucket-list destination for both Joel and I. We were super surprised to see that they even allow camping right at the waterfall, next time we will have to stay a night!

The cliffs that surround Skógafoss were actually the former coastline cliffs, and the waterfall emptied out into the ocean before the coastline receded. It’s really amazing to see how ever changing Iceland’s landscapes are.

Location #2 Sólheimajökull is a glacier that is located between two volcanoes, Katla and Eyjafjallajökull. We ventured on to a toured glacier hike as Sólheimajökull is one of the most accessible glaciers, with many visitors and tours daily. Our tour guide Johan was very informative and would walk over to a deep crevasse and inform us "if you were to fall down here, you would surely die." haha thank you Johan! While on the glacier you could really feel the rich history of Iceland. Our hike up was about 1 hour before we found a good spot to photograph our models. Daria and Dennis were a dream to photograph in Iceland for our first mornings shoots.

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Taken at the @tylerrye_ 2023 Iceland Expedition

Photographer @Birchwoodstudio

Models @darja_and_denis

Gown @mywony_atelier

Florals @thordisz


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