Photography Credit: Oak and Ember photography

We are Joel and Elizabeth

I'm sure you've already read on my facebook & blog about me and who I am but if you haven't....

I'm Elizabeth Wallace. I am a wife to my husband Joel & a mother first and foremost. I have five beautiful babies William (12) Samuel (10) Hannah (8) a sweet baby boy in heaven and little Jacob who just turned 3. I am a fur mamma of Katie Mae who is our 6 year old golden retriever.

We live on a little farmette outside of Juda, Wisconsin. a quiet Rustic Road with our 30 chickens. We pretend we are farmers but in all reality we just own some chickens surrounded by farm land.

From grass-roots


I started my photography journey in the darkroom in high school. Photography class was the only advanced class I took. I can still hear Mrs. Stegman telling me she wanted to go home because I would stay printing in the dark room.

I definitely didn't start on digital cameras, but my 35mm Minolta and some film.

Those years have long past, but what has remained the same for over 18 years is my love for capturing moments in time that you can never get back.

Quirky Facts about Me!

  1. Root beer is a guilty pleasure... if you like root beer we are instantly friends.
  2. I have this love hate relationship with Thunderstorms. I'm terrified the entire time but the thrill is fun.
  3. I have a crazy travel bug I can't shake it. I've traveled to Sweden, Hawaii, Punta Cana, Colorado, & Texas for Weddings.
  4. I love being around couples that love each other.
  5. I have an unhealthy fear of cows and horses... and they know it when I'm around them.
  6. My husband and I bought a little farmette and did so many renovations- but we are still not done.


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